Saturday, December 10, 2011

What races inhabit Kinyn? - The Elves

What races inhabit Kinyn? This is a HUGE topic--so huge we will split it up.

When the God over all created Kinyn, He formed the four high races to guard the world and its inhabitants: the Asri for the sky, the Eaml for the land, the Sespin for the sea; and the Elves to watch over all. The high races grew arrogant and fell, and even among the Elves, few remained pure. As darkness tainted all of Kinyn, a Fallen Elf brought news of a humble Savior from another world. Through faith, the Fallen can be redeemed...

The Elves:
The Elves are ruled by a queen, and were charged with the task of tending to the mortal races. As the races fell, the Elves withdrew from their duties, cloaking themselves in the forests. The Fallen among the Elves lost their immortality and were cast from the clan. While some of the Fallen took on a normal life, many turned to thieving, and some even posed as gods.

Many Elves have innate telepathy, and are gifted with magic. They often use this magic to create countless magical artifacts, both for their own use, and to use to bless the lesser races. Most of the Fallen have lost their telepathic ability and have resorted to concocting dust magic or artifacts used to do more harm than good.

Elves are tall and strong, with earth-toned hair. Their skin ranges from pale to dark, and anything in-between. They have long, pointed ears. The High Elves have a faint glow about them.

Check back next week! There are plenty of races to cover...and maybe some you haven't heard of!

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