Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yellow Rose Bride by Lori Copeland

Vonnie Taylor and Adam Baldwin were childhood sweethearts but an ugly family feud had forced them to keep their love, and their 24 hour marriage, a secret. Per Vonnie’s request, Adam had the marriage annulled lest they provoke their fathers’ rage. Now, seven years later, Vonnie finds herself making a wedding gown for her ex-husband’s new bride-to-be.

Lori Copeland managed to keep me guessing on who the real culprit was and that isn’t an easy task. I’m usually pretty good at sniffing out the bad guy! Of course, the reveal of the person behind the incidents was about the only exciting moment in the book. Copeland gives you many suspects to choose from, each more sinister than the next.

I liked the personal history between Adam and Vonnie and their fathers. I felt sorry for Adam’s father in the end when the truth was revealed but too late for amends to be made. Copeland’s characters tend to tug at your heartstrings. I enjoyed the interactions between Adam and Vonnie. Her guilt over her part in their annulment was evident as well as his wounded pride.

I also didn’t know you could ride ostriches. I had no idea! I thought the ostrich riding scene was one of the more interesting moments. Copeland gives you a neat look into what it is like to raise these strange creatures.

The motivations behind the secondary characters were lacking. Beth started out as this bubbly girl whom everyone adored because she was just the nicest person you’d ever meet. Of course, otherwise we’d wonder why Adam doesn’t dump her right away? Except the first scene the two are alone together you realize Adam should do just that. She’s controlling yet annoyingly indecisive. Which is a little comical at first but then you wonder why everyone adores her. Then suddenly Beth’s attitude changes.

Vonnie’s mother’s story is left unsolved. At least to me it was. That was very disappointing. I didn’t like this character that much and I hoped she would be redeemed. She was too dependent on her husband to the point where nothing else mattered, including her daughter. This book fixated on unhealthy co-dependent relationships and Vonnie wanted a marriage to match that.

I also wondered why everyone knew about the murders that spurred the feud but no arrests had ever been made. That was odd. But perhaps that was the way of the West.

All in all, The Yellow Rose Bride was an enjoyable read. I downloaded the book when it became free on Amazon Prime. I generally enjoy Lori Copeland’s writing. Her books tend to be simply written and leave you with a happy feeling long after putting the book down. Perfect for a sleepy rainy day. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a light romance.

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