Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ship Month! - The Californian

Julie here.  So here are some shots from the Californian, another replica ship, this one at the Maritime Museum of San Diego.

One major difference between this one and the Columbia is that this is a functioning vessel...most obvious by the sails! Also, there are a lot more lines.

The main thing I learned on this voyage was that ships sail by hitting the wind at an angle, not straight on. I believe it's the same principle as an airplane wing.

The boom is VERY low, which probably makes sense for a ship that's built for speed. The railing was very low too! I'm not sure if the ropes that block people from falling off are period-authentic or not, but given the number of landlubbers taking cruises on the ship, it's probably good that they're there.

I didn't get any good pictures of the ship itself, though you can make it out in the sunset here.

I have a lot more pictures of the Californian on my other blog.

We'll be back at the Maritime Museum of San Diego next week!

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