Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Random thoughts re: Angel Eyes - CSFF Blog Tour

I mentioned on other blogs that Dittemore is obviously aware of Twilight. Brielle thinks:
...I refuse to join the stalkarazzi as they giggle and bat their eyes, but their worship has me curious.
Did I miss something spectacular about the kid this morning? Does he sparkle in the sunlight? Does he have fangs? What?
On the one hand, that's a pop culture reference, which others on the tour noted, were fairly common in the book. But I think it shows a level of awareness on the part of Dittemore. Which is a good thing--I don't think she copied Twilight, but there are some unmistakable similarities, and I wouldn't be surprised if there was some inspiration from there, intentional or not. (Myself and a few others observed some of them, but Jason Joyner noted the similarities from the point of view of someone who read the series!)

Shannon McDermott always writes better entries than I do and she had a good, fairly brief rundown of angels in the Bible.

And if you didn't see it, Anna Mittower links to a very good interview with the author (and also has a scavenger hunt!). After reading the interview, I can see where Dittemore is definitely suited for the young adult market. (I was shocked to see who the biggest influence in her writing career was!) I'm interested to see what series Dittemore might write in the future.

One parting thought that came to me yesterday. Recently I started watching the show Leverage in syndication. (By "recently," I mean a full 3 days before the season finale aired--I sure can pick them.) The show is basically about a gang of cons and grifters using their deceptive powers for good. It's not uncommon for the gang to perform a good deed, using secret identities, and then vanish suddenly. For instance, in a recent episode, one member posed as an "air marshall" who helped save an innocent woman from certain doom (and then the gang asked her to do a good deed herself that could, in theory, endanger her own safety).

Presumably, if the woman later tried to find that anonymous air marshall, not only could she not track him down, but no one would have any record of him even existing at all.

If Dittemore's speculations are even remotely right--and they're not un-Biblical--then REAL angels could be doing that exact same kind of thing this very moment.


Thanks for the tour, everyone!


  1. Interesting thoughts... I wonder how many people have had 'air marshall' experiences of some sort?

  2. Now that I think about it, I think most people have had some sort of experience along those lines--maybe not an angel, granted, so much as God putting a certain human in a certain place, or prodding a human to do something....


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