Saturday, July 7, 2012

Festival of Life

The ordinary people of Kinyn do not have calendars. They track the years by seasons and natural phenomena, like the Lights. So most people don’t remember the day someone was born, or the day someone died. Instead, each town and village chooses a mid-summer day for the Festival of Life. No work is done that day except what is necessary, like milking the cows. Food is simple, mostly freshly-harvested fruits and vegetables, uncooked. Some towns offer their firstfruits to the gods they think protect the town. In the morning, people rejoice and sing to the gods, honoring another year of living. When night falls, lanterns are lit in remembrance of those who have passed on.

Those who follow the Savior observe the festival in their own way. In the morning, they sing songs of praise to the Savior who gave them life. At night, they still remember those who have passed on. Though some people struggle to push back the pain of loss, they pray their thanks to the Savior for promising a second life to those who love Him. Followers of the Savior give offerings of firstfruits, but instead of leaving them for their God, they give them to those who are in need.

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