Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Healer and the Irate #removeoneletterfilms

Maggie here. I’m not much of a Twitter user but once in awhile I will take a look at the trending topics list. Sometimes, there’s a good game going. Those can be fun to get lost in.

Like this weekend, people were taking films and removing one letter from the title. It’s quite interesting to see how much the meaning can be changed by removing or adding just a simple little letter.

Let’s take The Lord of the Rings for example. It can become The Lord of the Rigs and before you know it no more rings are involved but there’s some big guy in a truck named Frodo leading on a 9-truck expedition.

Julie: How you share is that someone uses a “hashtag” like
#removeoneletterfilms to mark their post as belonging to the “conversation.” Then you can look up that tag here and see what everyone else is saying! Parental guidance suggested but most the ones I saw were OK and even funny.

OK, yes, it’s silly, but sometimes it’s fun to be a little silly!

Maggie: Here are the ones Julie posted:

Julie Bihn ‏@juliebihn
The Princess and the Fog #removeoneletterfilms
Julie Bihn ‏@juliebihn
The Ion, the Witch and the Wardrobe #removeoneletterfilms
Julie Bihn ‏@juliebihn
Price Caspian #removeoneletterfilms
Julie Bihn ‏@juliebihn
The Voyage of the Dawn Trader #removeoneletterfilms

Then she got into Lord of the Rings mode:

Julie Bihn ‏@juliebihn
 Exciting story of sailors making friends. Fellowship of the Rig #removeoneletterfilms @MaggiePhillippi

Julie Bihn ‏@juliebihn
Group seeks a grammatically-confusing landmark. The Two Tower #removeoneletterfilms @MaggiePhillippi#removeoneletterfilms
Julie Bihn ‏@juliebihn
Thanksgiving day across the US. Return of the Kin #removeoneletterfilms @MaggiePhillippi

And this one made me smile:
Julie Bihn ‏@juliebihn
Now 15% more piratey! Pirates o' the Caribbean #removeoneletterfilms

Tag-team! Julie again! I stole half of mine from Maggie because she said she wouldn’t do them. Lord of the Rings? All the ideas were hers; I just added some words. (Collaboration!)
I loved hers, though. Anyone who’s read the book or seen the movie knows why this is funny:
Ann of Green Gables #removeoneletterfilms

And who can forget this touching Disney film?
The story of a dog looking for his lost sandwich. Blt #removeoneletterfilms @juliebihn

Maggie: I wanted to start a trending topic about removing one letter from TV shows. Because how funny would it be to have a show about FIENDS? Or anyone remember Scarecrow and Mrs. King? Turn it into Scarecrow and Ms. King and you cut that cast in half. Who knows? Maybe that’s what everyone will be doing next weekend.

Or maybe book titles. The Healer and the Irate. A story of a girl who heals anger.

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