Saturday, January 21, 2012

What kind of government does Kinyn have?

In some ways, Kinyn is like the Amercian Old West, in that there’s not much in the way of formalized central government.  Officially, the Elf Queen Leina currently rules over the world; however, she rarely becomes involved in the affairs of mortals, or even those of fallen Elves. Most towns are governed informally by town elders.

Since the fall of the races, human clans have risen over much of the land. Bandits now terrorize many of the southwestern forests. Pirates rule the seas. Lately, men who call themselves governors have established their authority over certain territories. Instead of following the Savior, these men think only of their own gain. In The Healer and the Pirate Nessa meets someone whose life is about to be altered due to a governor’s selfishness...  But I don’t want to spoil you too much on that.

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