Saturday, January 7, 2012

What races inhabit Kinyn? - Asri

Previously, we’ve talked about 3 of the 4 high races in Kinyn: Elves, Eaml and Sespin. Today we’re giving you a very small preview of the final race.

The Asri:

When he bowed his head and closed his eyes, the sun caught the silver highlights in his blue hair. Moments later the light glinting off Nicoli's head covered his body, distorting his figure. The light faded and a beautiful gray winged horse, much slimmer than the ones on the farm, stood where her grandfather had been. His silver mane shone in contrast with his black muzzle and dark, knowing eyes. He spread his glossy feathered wings wide and whinnied to her.

--from The Healer and the Pirate

The Asri (pronounced AZ-ree) served as the guardians of the air but were cast from the skies after the fall of the races. They have skin white as the clouds and hair the color of the sky, with pointed ears. Their frames are often slender and they share the pointed ears of the elves, though longer. All Asri have the ability to change into winged horses but are no longer light enough to live in the clouds. Most are born with other innate abilities as well, which can range from calling to the trees to forcing someone to tell the truth. Their natural lifespan is several times a human’s.

Not many have seen the Asri. Many years ago, the clan split in two; most of them have taken to the mountains and others left the main continent in a great Exodus. You can find out more about them in The Healer and the Pirate!

(Oh, and as an aside, “Asri” is reportedly Turkish for “far out” and “modern.” )

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