Saturday, January 14, 2012

What kind of magic exists in Kinyn?

There are many kinds of magic and supernatural forces in Kinyn. Elves and a few other creatures can perform spells calling on their innate strength. Some followers of the Savior consider these types of spells wicked, but others believe they are only forbidden for humans. These spells are entirely reliant on the strength, focus, and talent of the caster.

Some creatures, such as Asri, Eaml, and some fairies, have innate abilities which many would consider magic. These powers can be honed, just as a person can learn to cook or farm. These abilities generally work consistently, but overuse can leave the user tired or even temporarily incapacitated.

A third kind of magic is called “dust magic,” which uses magical herbs, powders, and the like. Pixie dust is one example of dust magic, and there are even tales of dust that can heal. Elves sometimes use dust and spells to create magical artifacts. These can be very dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands. Artifacts aren't just broken pots. They're magical items of mayhem.

Finally, some would dub spells which call upon the gods a form of magic. Many people in Kinyn call on the gods, and some priests and priestesses are sometimes able to do impressive works in the names of these gods.

Non-believers might argue the Redeemed call upon their Savior for magic, but that’s not really true. Instead, those who follow the Savior petition Him for miracles. The Savior appears to pay no special heed to those in power, nor does He respond to recited spells and incantations. He hears every prayer, but He sometimes answers in unexpected ways. The Redeemed know His power is greater than any magic.

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