Saturday, March 31, 2012

3 Funny things on the Internet from Julie

What does Julie think is funny?

One of the many challenges of collaborative writing is that Maggie and I often don't find the same things funny. Often if I'm watching a sitcom and hanging out online I'll quote a line to Maggie and she won't find it funny at all.

So here are three things I think are hilarious and Maggie's reaction.

1. Andy and April eating off Frisbees in Parks and Rec

So here are the newlyweds sharing breakfast (and then their hijinks after). Everything about this first scene cracks me up, starting with the marbles. I love people acting ridiculous when it actually makes sense with the characterization. In this case, April and Andy are absolutely goofball characters, while Ben, their roommate, plays the straight man.

Mostly it's the Frisbees, though.

Maggie: Well, I didn’t find April and Andy funny at all. In fact, my opinion of them plummeted to the floor because they seem to think it is awesome to cheat people out of money. I did chuckle at the laundry bit and the marshmallow shooting. Poor Ben needs to be around better people.

And I'll agree with Maggie that in real life, April and Andy cheating a roommate out of money is not funny. In a sitcom, though...I laugh. (Even though April totally stole my line about laundry racism.)

2. Nedroid Picture Diary

I like comics and Maggie's not so into them. Bartholomew's debut is one of my favorite comics ever, though.

"Ow! You are stinging me." Reginald's art skills are horrible and the entire premise of his comic (and even the reason for drawing his comic) is ludicrous. Beartato (the round guy) has an expression in the final panel that is just priceless.

Here are a couple comics from Nedroid with a fantasy/speculative bent:

Maggie: Now I find a great deal of Nedroid funny. I chuckled at the last two. The first one I just don’t really see why it is funny but that is my brain being too literal.

3. Jimmy Fallon Pizza Party Dance

The embedded version may or may not work--if it doesn't, try (and reload as needed).

Skip ahead to about 1:05...because one thing Maggie and I have in common is we don't think bodily function jokes are funny.

I don't even know how many times I've seen this and I still laugh every time. The sheer lunacy of the dance, coupled with Lauren the assistant's deadpan/cold looks…plus pizza is already kind of funny. The clip with just the dance was taken off YouTube but I used to post it on my Facebook every time I ate pizza. I was devastated when I saw the clip was off of YouTube, fearing this work of comedy was lost from the Internet forever.

There’s a common thread in what I think is funny--all these rely on complete absurdism, and more often than not there is a voice of reason in the lunacy.

Actually, in real life, Maggie often is that voice of reason giving me that cold Lauren-ish stare (all the way from Florida). Given my taste in comedy...that might be fair.

Maggie: Wow. I am going to sue Lauren for stealing my patent “that is not logical” stare. I mean if it is that strong to be felt from that far away, I should have full rights to it. :)

Oh and I hate pizza so a Pizza train is just... ::runs the other way::

Next week we’ll find what Maggie thinks is funny!

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