Saturday, April 7, 2012

How do they celebrate Easter in Kinyn?

Things that amuse Maggie will have to wait a week. This weekend we celebrate the Remembrance.

As we discussed in December, the Kinyn equivalent of Christmas is simply called “The Lights” and is based on a natural phenomenon. 

Easter or, as they call it in Kinyn, the Remembrance is on the first full moon after the orange flowers bloom, so usually a few weeks into spring.

The families that are able to travel, stay at a Reclaimed temple for a day or two. Some temples receive so many visitors that many have to camp in the courtyards. After a modest shared meal, believers spend the time fellowshipping with one another, praying, and hearing the Scenes each have been given. On the day of Remembrance, the monks tell the story of how the Savior was crucified on the Tree.

For those that cannot travel to the temple, the Redeemed of the town decide where to commemorate the Savior’s sacrifice. A chosen believer, usually the eldest, tells the story of the Savior’s death and resurrection. A few others may be asked to share their Scenes.

 A typical Easter meal or Remembrance meal, is a humble meal of flatbread and wine or juice.

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