Saturday, April 14, 2012

Maggie's Funnies

About two weeks ago, Julie shared some things around the web that make her laugh. This week, it's my turn.

1. Simon's Cat

I love Simon’s Cat. The above one is the very first comic but to me, they are all hilarious. I honestly can’t pick a favorite. The stories are so great because they are true to life. Thank goodness I don’t own a baseball bat or I’d wake up with a black eye every morning. It’s bad enough my hands and arms have scratches on them because Xena “digs” me out of the covers every morning. And a lot of the mischief Simon’s cat gets into reminds me of Shadow. I have seven cats by the way. Cat humor makes me laugh!

Julie: The cat is adorable (meows and all) and anyone who’s had a cat (or probably a dog) can relate…it slowly segues into absurdism as the cat somehow manages to tweak Simon's ear….and then the baseball bat….ROTFL. The cat managing to point to its own mouth, miming that it needs fed, is icing on the cake. Pretty brilliant.

2. Surprise Kitty

Are we seeing a pattern here? Can it be that I only laugh at animals?
Julie: It’s an Internet classic for a reason. Perhaps one of the cutest cat videos ever! Though it makes me smile more than laugh.

3. Twilight

And just to stick with the kitty theme I chose this one:

I have nothing against people liking Twilight. I just don’t feel it is worthy of all the media praise it gets. So anything that pokes fun of Twilight is guaranteed to make me laugh.
Julie:  Smile-worthy, to be sure...though I would’ve liked it about as much without the captions. Cute widdle kitty with wings.

So how does this pertain to collaborative writing? You’ll have to come back next week to see!

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