Saturday, December 17, 2011

What races inhabit Kinyn? - The Eaml

Last week we talked about the Elves in Kinyn. But this week, we present a never-before-heard-of race. A race that is unique only to Kinyn. 
The Eaml:
Former guardians of the land, the Eaml look mostly like sturdy, attractive, tan humans but they have clawed hands and lions’ tails. They are able to take the form of winged lions and lionesses.  

Each Eaml is born with a various innate ability to affect or transform others. They were the first race to fall to greed and corruption, and were so cursed by the Elves that few Eaml survive.  
We hope to see you next week when we reveal another new race, one you've likely only heard of if you've read The Healer and the Pirate.

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